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Cattle Services

Cattle Services

Dubbo Veterinary Hospital’s team of cattle and mixed practice vets provide ambulatory emergency care 24 hours a day for cattle farmers across the region. We pride ourselves on our preventative medicine focus, and our vets are encouraged to develop an in depth understanding our our clients’ farming operations so that they become an integral part of the farm’s management team.

Cattle Reproduction

Pregnancy diagnosis is an important tool for the management of your cattle herd as it allows you to plan feed requirements and make informed decisions about selling non-productive animals and acquiring replacements. It also enables you to ensure a tight calving interval and detect reproductive failures early.

Artificial Insemination

Dubbo Veterinary Hospital vets are skilled in AI and will tailor an AI program to suit the client’s requirements. We can also order semen in for our clients and will transport it to the farm for use in the AI program.


PREgCHECK™ and Pregnancy Diagnosis

The PREgCHECK™ (NCPD) is a nationally recognised quality tail tagging system for the identification and certification of cattle pregnancy status, particularly for sale purposes. Dubbo Veterinary Hospital vets are able to offer PREgCHECK™ tail tags for producers wishing to gain a premium price for pregnant cows and heifers.

PREgCHECK™ (NCPD) Procedure

The PREgCHECK™ (NCPD) is a tail tagging system for the identification and certification of cattle pregnancy status. Ratchet and wrap  
tags bear the registered certification mark which is an Australian Cattle Veterinarians logo with stripes either side.

The three most common tags are red and yellow indicating over four months pregnant, blue and orange indicating under four months and green and white indicating not detectably pregnant. Each tag bears a serial number and a veterinarian identification code.

Upon applying tail tags under this system, a certificate is issued by the testing veterinarian providing details of the owner of the cattle, the name of the veterinarian, the registration number, the date of testing, the total numbers tested, and a list of the individual tail tag serial numbers applied and the pregnancy diagnosis categories of the cattle tested.

Bull testing and BULLCHECK™

The health and fertility of bulls is critical. A great deal of breeding potential, time and budget can be wasted if producers find out too late their bulls are not performing to capacity.  Dubbo Veterinary Hospital is able to offer BULLCHECK™ with Bull Reporter certificates for producers wishing to gain a premium price for sale bulls.

BULLCHECK™ Procedure

A full BULLCHECK™ (VBBSE) of an animal includes identification, history (including vaccinations) plus five key components, namely:

  • A general physical examination including structure (conformation) and upper reproductive tract
  • An examination of the testes and measurement of scrotal size
  • A serving assessment to evaluate libido and mating ability
  • Collection and assessment of a semen sample
  • Laboratory examination of sperm morphology.

The results of VBBSE is reported in a standardised format appropriately named Bull Reporter with individual certificates available, or multi-bull reports for larger numbers.

Semen Processing, Storage & Export

Semen Processing

Apiam Genetic Services is able to collect, process and store semen from your cattle. We will only process semen that has passed our strict standards.

Semen will only be passed for use if it has exceeded Apiam Genetic Services strict standards with regard to semen motility, morphology and concentration, resulting in the appropriate number of normal progressively normal spermatozoa.

Semen Storage

Apiam Genetic Services has been storing semen since 1982. We have dozens of tanks and some semen that has been stored with us for over 30 years.

Transporting Semen

Apiam Genetic Services has numerous dry shipper tanks that allows us to transport semen all over Australia. We are very experienced and ship semen consignments on a weekly basis.

Exporting Semen

The exportation of semen can require considerable logistics, health tests and paperwork. Apiam Genetic Services is accredited to collect and facilitate the export of semen to a variety of countries.

Apiam Genetic Services have been successfully processing, storing, distributing and exporting ram semen for over 30 years.

Artificial Insemination

Artificial insemination is a quick and simple procedure that deposits semen in the lumen of the uterine horn.

Apiam Gentic Services have been successfully processing, storing, distributing bull semen and undertaking artificial insemination in cows for over 30 years.

Bovine Pestivirus and ear notch testing

Pestivirus is one of the most common (and complicated) viruses found in Australian beef cattle herds – in fact it’s estimated around 70% of cattle herds across the country are actively infected with the virus, and the Dubbo district is no different.

Pestivirus causes a range of serious disease syndromes in cows and calves, including reproductive failure, abnormal calves, illthrift, diarrhoea and respiratory disease. Major losses occur when a previously uninfected herd becomes infected during the mating period and in early pregnancy.

Testing for pestivirus involves testing for both animals that have been exposed to the virus (antibodies), and those that continually shed the virus (antigen).

It is a good idea to identify persistently infected (PI) animals. This can be done by an “ear notch” test. These animals should not be sold as stud bulls but is possibly to be used in autovaccination herds.

Dubbo Veterinary Hospital can undertake testing to determine the status of your herd. It’s important to have an accurate picture of the level of immunity in each herd and/or to detect the presence of these carrier animals. This knowledge helps us develop a strategy for control of the disease within specific herds.

Vaccination is available and is recommended in disease-free herds.

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